3,500-Ft-High Glass Walkway Cracks Under Guests’ Feet

A 3,540-foot-high (1,080m) glass walkway at Yuntai hill Geological Park in China cracked correct under visitors’ feet on Monday after a customer dropped a metal glass. This walkway exposed on September twentieth, and considering the fact that another cup connection ended up being recently established in Asia over a mountain gorge, numerous Chinese folks have already been not as much as delighted during the development.

The site visitors are not jeopardized, while the walkway features a few levels of 2.7cm-thick cup, all of that may help 800kg per square meter. Since the cup dishes had been custom-made, there is absolutely no term on once the walkway is going to be reopened.

“Suddenly we heard a noisy ‘bang’ and also the course under my base began shaking” – stated one of many site visitors associated with cup walkway

Image credits: Asia Picture Press

“I looked right here my base and something bit of cup had been broken”

Image credits:  lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai

“I don’t know very well what caused this, but at that 2nd many individuals screamed. We shouted so it truly smashed! I quickly pressed in the front of  individuals and went. It Had Been terrifying”

Image credits:  lidonghaishuohezainihaowodehai

Luckily for us, the walkway had a few levels of glass, and so the site visitors weren’t damaged

Image credits: PDChina

As the cup dishes had been custom-made, there’s absolutely no term on once the walkway is reopened

Image credits: Metro

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