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    Japanese Musician Carves Pearls Towards Skull Jewellery

    Shinji Nakaba is a Tokyo-based jewellery fashion designer who’s been creating since 1974. Every little thing he tends to make is wearable, and Nakaba frequently makes use of unconventional products to generate their pieces. These intricately carved pearl skulls tend to be a typical example of their excellent work. “I would like to deliver newer […] More

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    Glitter Armpits Are Something Today And It’s Far Too Late Doing Such A Thing

    Into the Internet’s inexplicable dash to stick sparkle in a lot more inconvenient physical cracks, some ladies on Instagram have begun incorporating sparkle for their armpits to make all of them into rich, bedazzled forests labeled as #glitterpits! We constantly understood sparkle is impractical to eradicate and it can distribute, but we never ever believed […] More