I Came Across 18 Beauty Devices On Ebay That Promise To Cause You To Gorgeous Without Plastic Cosmetic Surgery And Bought All Of Them

The task “Beauty Warriors” is an accumulation pictures featuring strange-looking beauty devices. I came across all of them on Ebay, the majority of the devices are created in Asia. These items guarantee immediate remedy without medical input. They’ve been much less expensive than synthetic surgeries and botulin shots and when you think, they may work!

To achieve success, you need to be perfect and appearance perfect—these are our society’s guidelines, which all of us follow without also recognizing just how absurd the criteria tend to be. We often neglect the significance of internal beauty.

Versions with this task tend to be my pals, family members and volunteers discovered with the aid of social media marketing.

The task ended up being element of my training. I will be learning Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA(Hons) at University of Highlands and isles, in Inverness, Scotland.

1# Face Thinner

2# Anti-Wrinkle Mask

3# Anti-Double Chin Bandage

4# Smile Instructor

5# Nose Straightener

6# Eyelid Instructor

7# Renovation Bandage (With Spikes Inside!)

8# Eyebrow Stencil

9# Lip Plumper

10# Face Massager

11# Gold Breathing Apparatus

12# Anti-Wrinkle Mask

13# Facemask

14# Facial Tattoo Measurement Appliance

15# Nose Shaper

16# Nose Shaper

17# Lip Moisturiser

18# Silicone Facemask

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