I Photographed Ladies In 60 Nations To Improve The Method We Come Across Beauty

I am Mihaela Noroc, i am a Romanian professional photographer who is been traveling the planet for the last 4 many years with my backpack and my digital camera, photographing daily females and gathering their particular tales. My task is named The Atlas of Beauty.

My objective would be to show that each and every lady shines like a celebrity because beauty is variety, and not that which we see in mass-media.

For me personally, the true beauty doesn’t have age, tints or styles. There is it in Africa or in European countries, in a town or in a skyscraper, in a grin, in a gesture, in a powerful look, in a few lines and wrinkles, or in a tale. You’ll find it in almost every kind-hearted individual.

Today The Atlas of Beauty becomes a sensational book with increased that 500 portraits and lots of interesting tales. In a period of hate and attitude, i wish to deliver an email about love and acceptance. I am hoping this guide are certain to get into numerous domiciles around the globe, persuading more and more people that variety is a treasure and never a trigger for disputes and hate. We have been different but at precisely the same time many of us are an element of the exact same family members.

1# Kathmandu, Nepal

2# Ethiopia

3# Baku, Azerbaijan

4# Tehran, Iran

5# Amazon Rainforest

6# Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

7# Chichicastenango, Guatemala

8# Kathmandu, Nepal

9# Pokhara, Nepal

10# Idomeni Refugee Camp, Greece

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